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The Error of Their Ways

The Error of Their Ways opened at the HERE Arts Center in New York, on 30 August 2007, with the following cast:

ELIZABETH,  Dina Ann Comolli
HELENA,  Annika Boras
FLINT,  Mickey Solis
DRINKWATER,  Shawtane Bowen

Director,  James Dacre
Animation/Video Design,  Thomas Hicks
Additional Design,  Liz Magic Laser
Lighting,  Charles Foster
Design Associate,  Peter Ling
Music,  Jonathan Styles

A second production opened at The Cockpit Theatre, London, on 18 July 2008, with the following cast:

ELIZABETH,  Kate Walsh
HELENA,  Georgina Landau
FLINT,  Luciano Dodero

Director,  Eleanor Rhode
Designer,  Nicky Bunch
Lighting,  Adi Shimrony
Sound,  Beth Hurn
Photographs,  Gemma Mount

Dina Ann Comolli as ELIZABETH, New York, August 2007.

This man, your husband. He would have committed murders. He would have discharged terror from ten thousand feet. Distant villages. Whole peoples. Wiped out on a whim. A Christian crusade. I saw it all. In my sleep. A zealot, a smirking zealot with God on his side and with an eye on his destiny, he would have killed and have killed and have slept in his cot like an infant at night.


A brutal assassination robs a nation of a charismatic politician, a man set to save it from corruption in the impending election. The murder thrusts his beautiful, icy widow into the limelight. As the people demand blood and vengeance, she must choose between the prospect of immense power and her overwhelming desire for the assassin.

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