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The Biggleswades was first performed on 6 November 2001 at The White Bear Theatre, London, with the following cast:

Brian,  Jestyn Phillips
Wife,  Illona Linthwaite
Friend,  Richard Latham


Director,  Peter Craze
Designer,  Margaret Forsyth


A second production opened at Southwark Playhouse on 8 March 2005, with the following cast:

Brian,  David Hobbs
Wife,  Joanna Brookes
Friend,  John Cunningham


Director,  AC Wilson
Designer,  Anna Jones
Sound,  Megumi Miura
Lighting,  Peter Harrison

The Biggleswades

Illona Linthwaite and Jestyn Phillips, White Bear Theatre, London , November 2001.

...a horrific, mischievous symphony of human misery...the savage poetry and simplicity of a Magnus Mills novel...a powerful allegory of a mindless, isolationist is the play's viciously ironic sense of humour that makes 'The Biggleswades' such a potent explosive, brilliantly daring new play...

...a horrific tale...compulsive...the dialogue crackles as it exposes human deterioration... a terrifying finale...The play is bound to have a future...It is worth cancelling anything in order not to miss it.

...a superbly acted black comedy...

...a comedy drama of domestic dysfunction and existential terror...this unsettling portrait of a marriage barricading itself against the terror of encroaching forces from outside...There is some unspeakable fear in the air... grippingly ominous, full of convincing domestic detail yet infecting it with a palpable unease.

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