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The following titles are published by Oberon Books, London.
You can purchase books directly from the Oberon website or via Amazon.


Also available:

(A Listening Heaven, Mummies and Daddies, Clockwatching) Oberon Books: December 2000
(Incarcerator, Five Visions of the Faithful, Silence and Violence, The Biggleswades, The Last Days of Desire) Oberon Books: June 2001
(The Optimist, The Swing of Things, The Company Man) Oberon Books: April 2008
The Lunatic Queen
(Riverside Studios, London - Feb/March 2005) Oberon Books
The Unconquered
Winner: CATS Best New Play Award 2007
Programme text for 2007 tour (black) and 2008 tour (white). Oberon Books
The Error of their Ways
(HERE Arts Center, New York, August 2007) Oberon Books
Lie of the Land
(Pleasance Upstairs, Edinburgh, August 2008) Oberon Books
Muswell Hill
(Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, February 2012) Oberon Books

(Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, March 2014) Oberon Books

What Falls Apart
(Live Theatre, Newcastle, May 2015) Oberon Books
The Seagull
(Regent's Park Open Air, June 2015) Oberon Books

The National Joke
(Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, June 2016) Oberon Books

(Park Theatre, London, June 2018) Oberon Books


La sourde oreille
(A Listening Heaven)
Translated into French by Blandine Pélissier, Editions Climats and Maison Antoine Vitez
Kuunteleva Taivas
(A Listening Heaven)
Translated into Finnish by Aleksi Milonoff, Teatterin Tiedotuskeskus
Der himmel hört zu
(A Listening Heaven)
Translated into German by Barbara Christ, Teather der Zeit

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